About The Donyai Collection

Each Donyai Clothing item features the photography and art of Parham Donyai. Having been displayed previously in an award-winning shop in Richmond, London, Donyai clothing is now designed and made to order in London, each piece is unique. Many of the pieces feature photos from the collection.

From the enigmatic allure of Venice and the rustic charm of Italy to the mind-bending realms of Surreal and Dystopian worlds; from profound artistic strokes to the universal themes of Love and the untamed spirit of Animals – Donyai's designs are a journey through imagination, painted on the classic sophistication of black, white, and navy. Every theme is a story, every T-Shirt a narrative, unfolding exclusive designs that are the signatures of Donyai's visionary designs. You don't just wear a Donyai; you adorn an artistic masterpiece.

Donyai Couture believes in substance with style. That's why Donyai clothing is brought to life using the finest Bella and Canvas and Stanley/Stella fabrics, revered for their high quality, lasting durability and comfort. The high-definition photo inspired prints breathe life into the designs, ensuring they speak for you for years to come.

Fashion knows no bounds, and neither does the Donyai Collection. Donyai T-Shirts are unisex, transcending traditional fashion lines and fitting into every wardrobe. They are versatile pieces that fit seamlessly, whether you're channeling casual chic or stepping up your smart outfit game.

Every Donyai item is a specimen of exclusivity, manufactured to order to give you a freshly made unique piece. Time is taken to ensure that what you receive isn't just a product, but an experience, delivered to your home or office. Upon dispatch, rest assured that you can track your prized possession right to your doorstep, with detailed tracking information sent straight to your email.

Join The Donyai World
Donyai is more than a unique brand; it's a growing community. When you choose a Donyai T-Shirt, you don't just stand out—you stand with a family that dares to differ, to make a statement, and to embrace the trendy and the artistic. Dive into the Donyai experience—where every thread weaves a tale, and every design is a doorway to a realm less ordinary. Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to The Donyai Collection.


Message from the Founder
I have always loved high end designer T-Shirts. A few years back, I started to research what is the best T-Shirt for printing my own photos and works of art on. I settled on 2 brands and started to print a select number of my own designs and award-winning photographs on them. 

I would wear these T-Shirts and people began to comment and ask where I had purchased them from. I told them it was my own design on high quality materials. 

I have put these unique designs on the range you see on this website under the Donyai, London brand. Every item here is one I would proudly wear myself, whether I am meeting the CEO of Lamborghini or having lunch with friends.

I hope you enjoy wearing these unique creations. They are all individually curated to look stylish and make you stand out. Each design is changed after a certain number of prints, so you can be assured that you will not see anyone else wearing your unique Donyai designed T-Shirt. 

Thank you for your custom.

Parham Donyai

Donyai, London

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